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The Power of One

This VERITAS was written on Monday, March 27, 2000


Today’s VERITAS is a tribute to the patience and perseverance of one man whose hard work paved the way for Physics . If he had not done what he did we would have been atleast a 100 years behind( what we are now ) in Physics and Astronomy . And the wow thing is that he himself
never did it for that end in mind . He was just doing his daily work .

       Tycho Brahe( 1546-1601) was a Dutch Astronomer. We wont go much into the details of his personal life. Tycho was a very influential man and was very close to the Danish king Fredrich . The king gave him an island .

       Tycho became the owner of an island called Hven ( near Copenhagen ). He built 2 observatories there . His observatories contained costly
equipment that Tycho Brahe built himself . From these observatories Tycho studied stars for more than 20 years . He observed the positions
and motions of stars , moon and planets every night without fail . He would note down all the data with extreme accuracy . His instuments
were very precise too . No one before him had ever studied the heavens with so much accuracy . And he did all that with his naked eye . The
telescope had not been invented yet !! He singlehandedly established the observational basis of astronomy .

       Tycho almost made a observational factory on that island . He employed a huge number of people to help him . The instruments were made
there . He also had a printing press to print books about his observations .

       His obrevations were studied by Kepler and he found a pattern and he formulated his 3 laws of Planatary motion . Keplers 3 laws were used by Newton to make this Theory of Gravitation . Tycho’s observations were also used by Halley to discover his comet . He made an observation of Supernova in 1572 . His observation’s were used by modern astronomers to form a theory about how stars die .

       The greatest thing about him was that if you look at his works you would find observations of every star for every night for those 22 years . And these positions will be extramely accurate . And it makes you admire his dedication to his work . Did this guy ever go to late night parties !!! he probably never slept at night for those 22 years . And this dude didnt even have a telescope !!

His observations are still used today by modern astronomers .

       The works of Tycho have been compiled in  15 volumes under the title “Tychonis Brahe Opera Omnia”

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