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The works of Escher

Today’s VERITAS is about paintings . So you have to see each link through ur web browser . Otherwise it is no use .

      Today we will talk about the works of a very imaginative painter .

His name was M.C Escher . He was born in 1898 in Holland . His father

was a civil engineer . M.C was not very good at studies and never managed to

pass high school . But he had a great interest in paining and architecture .

      In 1921 he started experimenting with a very different style .

His paintings were not related to relatty as we see it . It is more

fantasy. It is a different way of looking at reality .


For example see his drawing hands : Each hand draws the other :



Escher experimented with trying to represnt infinity in his paintings .


His paintings also have “infinite loops” . For example see his waterfall.

The water is always at the same level . But still it falls down at the end :

or see his Ascending,Descending . One set of people is forever climbing

the stairs . The other set is forever coming down :



This one is really wow . This is “Another World ” . The great thing is

that whichever way u look at it you see a replication of a whole

world . You feel that you are standing on a cross road between

worlds whicg are images of each other .



Another one that can “hit” you is Day and Night . This is one of his

most popular works . See this and feel it . Half the painting is

day and the other half is night .




Escher died in 1972 . By this time he had become really famous .

He is really respected by Mathematicians and Atrists . His

works contain the description of matematical concepts of infinity ,

endless loops , self swallowing sets … in the form of paintings .