Still Don’t know much


Today’s VERITAS is a relook at a question that I used to wonder about as a kid and the answers I have about them . I dont have many answers …

But I have more questions …




Question I used to ask (Q_old) : What Is light ? If I shine a torch at the moon at night will the light reach the moon ?


What I know (I_KNOW) :


   Today I know that light is an electromagnetic wave .

   The Electrical and the Magnetic components perpendicular to each other.

   I also know that it goes really fast ( 3X10^8 metres per second ) .

   I know that it sometimes behaves like a particle and sometimes like a

   wave . I know that you can polarize it , and make a coherent beam ( laser )

   I know that it carries energy ( poynting vector ) . I know how u can

   make light . I know the Maxwell equations and I know quantum optics …


What I still dont know ( Q_new ) :


   What is the meaning of : Electric field . Okay we can define it but

   how does it “look” . Does the electromagnetic field move through

   space or does light create a new field as it moves ? What is the

   meaninh of : Photon ( particle of light ? No No . A Photon is actually

   a mode of the electromagnetic field . So how can it be a particle ?

   How can you localize it ???? ) . They say that a photon has no mass .

   But it has energy . So cant we convert that into mass ? What happens

   when light goes through a material ? Do the electrical and the magnetic

   field change ( I guess they do ! ) . What happens when light hits a

   electron , atom ? I know that the electron may get some energy and

   go to a higher energy state . But how does the transfer of this

   energy take place ? Is the speed of light actually the final limit

   or can we still hope for something higher. How does Gravity affect

   light ( I know it bends it but I dont know the equation ) .

   Can we freeze light 🙂 ?? 



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