Day 4: Conservation Laws Poetry

We had nothing planned for today so we are going to have a “fun” session.

I tried to find some poetry related to Conservation Laws . I found some interesting stuff . Here it is for you and the MHFL folks to enjoy :





The first poem illustrates the Baryon family number conservation law .

We said yesterday that the proton is the lightest baryon . So it cannot decay into anything . Because to conserve the Baryon number it has to becay into a lighter baryon and that is not possible. Why the proton does not decay was a mystery for Physicists before they discoved this Conv law . And the Limmerick is by David Halliday of the “Resnisk and Halliday “

fame :




Proton Decay

by David Halliday


A proton once said, “I’ll fulfill

My long-term belief in free will.

Though theorists (may) say

That I ought to decay

I’m damned if I think that I will.”





The second poem illustrates what happens what happens when an electron meets its antiparticle the positron . Both particles vanish and and only light is produced . The electron family number is conserved because the electron has +1 and positron has -1 and light has 0 . The process is :


electron + positron -> light






And Then There Were Photons

by William Rolnick


An electron, while trav’ling in space,

Met a positron there “face-to-face.”

The electron then sighed,

At the sight of his bride

And they “died” in a loving embrace.





The third poem is very loosely connected to conservation laws . It is about Einstein and his famous E=mc^2



There once was a man with strange hair.

He said, “Anything other than physics, don’t care.”

He sat down with a book,

And had a long look,

And he realized that E equals m c square !






The last one was not probably written for the Conservation laws but the

spirit of this poem comes so close it :





TWO lengths has every day,

Its absolute extent —

And area superior

By hope or heaven lent.

Eternity will be

Velocity, or pause,

At fundamental signals


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