Conservation Laws week starts

VERITAS is going to have its first theme week . The topic is “Conservation laws ” . We will talk about the 7 most fundamental laws of Physics called the Conservation laws . The agenda for the week is :


Mar 6 ( Monday )  : The philosophy of COnservation Laws

Mar 7             : Conservation of Energy , Momentum , Angular Momentum

                    Charge( and the anawer to the question : “why is the

                electron stable?”


Mar 8             : Conservation of Baryon Family number , electron Family

                number , muon family number .


Mar 9             : < dont know >


March 10          : Conservation laws and symmetry


So Ladies and gentlemen , please fasten ur seat belts because we are going to go study the “fabric of the Universe ” . The deepest and the most powerful laws of Physics . The thought process of God . 


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